About Us

‘NoLo’ comes from the portmanteau of both ‘No’ and ‘Low’ in reference to alcohol, and is a term that is recognised within the alcohol free industry. As such, NoLo Beverage is a site dedicated to providing information and expertise regarding no alcohol and low alcohol versions of alcoholic beverages.

A bit of background

The popularity of alcohol in young drinkers continues to fall, whilst existing alcohol drinkers are starting to look for options to cut back or totally remove alcohol from their lifestyle.

But when it comes to finding high quality information about cutting back on alcohol, or finding suitable and exciting drinks, there is little information out there.

So, at NoLo Beverage, we have two main objectives:

Provide education and be informative

The interest in non-alcoholic drinks typically peaks around December/ January of ever year, as people consider taking part in Dry January. However, the general interest in non-alcoholic drinks over the last five years continues to trends upwards.

The below chart shows live data from Google Trends – signifying the interest over time.

To ensure that we people interested in this growing trend, we write to educate and inform this growing audience. We will provide the resources and answers to as many questions possible when it comes to no and low alcoholic drinks.

Raise awareness of drinks on the market

There’s one thing being educated and informed when it comes to the different lifestyle and health-related aspects of non-alcoholic drinks, but you still need to know about the different drink options on the market.

You may already be aware of some of the non-alcoholic versions of the mainstream lagers, but what about non-alcoholic ciders, wines, spirits, champagnes, etc?

Or do you know of the smaller or local brands that are looking to introduce exciting, alternative options to the market?

We aim to provide information about where you can find new and exciting non-alcoholic and low alcoholic drinks, helping to promote some of the smaller, independent breweries out there!

We want to hear from you

We of course write for all our visitors to this website, so we would love to hear your feedback (good and bad). If you have any recommendations for a new non-alcoholic drink, would like to contribute or request a feature or review, then please do get in contact.

If you are involved with the manufacture/sale/distribution of non-alcoholic drinks, then we would love to hear from you also. Please note, we do not accept sponsored posts or paid review, but we are happy to discuss other options.