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Last updated: 23rd February 2023

At No Low Alcohol, we work hard to provide unique, unbiased reviews of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic drinks. In the spirit of transparency and honesty, here’s an overview of our review policy:

We Purchase All Drinks We Review

We believe that purchasing the drinks ourselves is the only way to ensure that our reviews are unbiased and accurate. We currently do not accept free samples or incentives from any manufacturers, although we admit there may be a time where we do so in the future*.

We Use Experienced Drinks Reviewers

Our reviewers are individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the non-alcoholic and low alcoholic drinks sector. Their knowledges enables us to provide informed opinions based on their expertise.

Why not check out our team? And if you fancy joining us, please get in contact!

We Pay Our Writers

We value the hard work and expertise of our writers, and we compensate them for their efforts. We believe that this encourages them to provide their best work and ensures that our reviews are of the highest quality.

Our aim to is continually review our remuneration packages for expert writers, but we also have to balance this with the income earned through this site. See more in our earnings disclaimer.

Our reviewers publish their own opinions:

Our Reviewers Publish Their Own Opinions

We believe that each reviewer is entitled to their own opinion, and we encourage them to express it freely. This means that our reviews may not always be positive, but we stand by their honesty and integrity.

However, our overall aim is to enhance the reputation and reach of the non-alcoholic drinks sector, so aim to offer constructive feedback, rather than unnecessary negativity where possible.

We Strive For High Quality

Our reviewers take their time to thoroughly evaluate each drink, considering its taste, texture, aroma, price, and overall quality. We strive to provide detailed reviews that are informative and helpful to our readers.

We admit that we may not know everything about the NOLO drinks sector, but we will work hard to increase and maintain our knowledge in the fast moving industry.

Disclaimer: Paid For & Gifted Drinks

While we currently purchase all drinks ourselves and compensate our writers, there may be future instances where we accept compensation for reviews, such as paid for reviews or gifted drinks. In these cases, we will make it clear in the review that compensation was received and the level of compensation. We will also disclose whether the compensation influenced the review in any way.

We understand that accepting compensation for reviews may compromise our objectivity, and we will always strive to be transparent with our readers. We believe that transparency is essential in maintaining our readers’ trust, and we will never compromise our integrity for any amount of compensation.

However, earning money is crucial to retaining and growing the support we get from our writers and wider team, and is something we are mindful of as we grow.

We hope that this clarifies our stance on paid for reviews or gifted drinks, and we welcome any feedback or comments on our review policy. Thank you for choosing us as your source for non-alcoholic and low alcoholic drink reviews.

We take our responsibility to our readers seriously, and we hope that our reviews help you to make informed decisions about the drinks you choose to consume.

If you have any questions or comments about our review policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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