Hop water, with its tantalizing aroma and intricate flavors reminiscent of beer, has sparked curiosity among many beverage enthusiasts. A recurring question is whether or not hop water can give you the same buzz associated with alcoholic drinks. Let’s delve into this topic and dispel the myths surrounding hop water’s effects.

The Essence of Hop Water

Hop water is a non-alcoholic beverage made primarily by infusing water with hops – the flowers used in brewing beer to give it its distinct bitterness and aroma. The manufacturing process captures the essence of hops without incorporating the alcohol typically found in beers.

Hops vs. Alcohol: The Distinction

Hops themselves are non-intoxicating. Their primary role in beer is to add flavor and aroma. It’s the fermentation process of brewing, where yeast transforms sugars into alcohol, that gives beer its alcoholic content and potential buzz.

So, Can Hop Water Give You a Buzz?

Simply put, no. Traditional hop water does not contain alcohol, so it won’t give you the buzz or intoxication associated with alcoholic beverages. However, there are a few nuances to consider:

  1. Placebo Effect: Sometimes, the mere act of drinking a beverage that tastes like beer can psychologically trigger the feeling of relaxation or light-headedness in some individuals, even if no alcohol is present.
  2. Natural Relaxation: Hops have mild sedative properties and have been used in herbal remedies to promote relaxation and sleep. This calming effect is different from the buzz of alcohol, but for some, it might feel like a light, natural relaxation.
  3. Variations in Products: While traditional hop water is non-alcoholic, always read labels carefully. Some products on the market might blend hop water with other ingredients that can have varying effects or might contain minimal amounts of alcohol.

However, additional ingredients added to hop water may provide you with a similar buzz that you associate with alcohol. It is common for hop water variants to contact CBD or caffeine for example.

Benefits of Drinking Hop Water

For those who enjoy the taste of hops but want to abstain from the effects of alcohol, hop water provides:

  • Flavor without Intoxication: Enjoy the intricate flavors associated with hops that is safe and without the concern of becoming inebriated.
  • Caloric Consideration: Most hop waters are calorie-free or low in calories – due to their low sugar content – making them a healthier alternative to many alcoholic or sugary beverages.
  • Safe Driving and Operation: Without alcohol, hop water doesn’t impair your ability to drive or operate machinery.


Hop water is a flavorful, non-alcoholic alternative for those who love the aromatic complexities of beer but wish to avoid the buzz or potential side effects of alcohol.

While it doesn’t give you an alcoholic buzz, its calming properties can provide a gentle relaxation. As always, when trying a new beverage, read labels carefully and enjoy in moderation. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing drink on a hot day or a flavorful companion for your meal, hop water offers a unique experience for your taste buds without the alcoholic aftermath.

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