We have previously written about how non alcoholic beer is made, but in the article, we will turn our attention to how non alcoholic wine.

There are many similarities between this and the previous article we have written, but we have decided to write this separate article based on the complexities associated with wine.

Let’s get into it.

What is Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Non alcoholic wine – whether it is red, white or sparkling – is the term used to describe any wine that has gone through the typical fermentation process, but has very low – or even zero – levels of alcohol.

Terminology such as ‘non-alcoholic wine’, ‘de-alcoholised wine’ and ‘zero alcohol wine’ typically refer to the same thing.

Is Non Alcoholic Wine Just Grape Juice?

No, non alcoholic wine is not grape juice.

In fact, non alcoholic wine follows a similar process to the manufacture of typical wine. 

Let’s start off by investigating how wine is made.

How is Alcoholic Wine Made?

There are two main types of wine, red and white (unsurprisingly). 

Now it is important to differentiate that because the processes are slightly different.

Traditionally, wine was made by hand, but it is now mass produced using machinery. Either way, the process is the same.

Grapes are picked from the vineyards, cleaned and ‘bad grapes’ removed.

The grapes are removed from their stems and then crushed and pressed to remove their juices.

At this stage, the process of red and white wines vary.

For white grapes, the juice is removed from their skins and seeds, whereas for red grapes, the skin and seeds typically remain.

This is because the ‘solid’ material contains colour and tannins, which are typically associated with red wine only.

Once the juice or pulp – for white and red wines respectively – is separated, the fermentation step occurs.

This is where yeast is added to the grapes to allow for fermentation to occur. This fermentation step turns the sugars from the grapes into alcohol, which also creates a range of flavours and aromas that are associated with wine.

This stage will vary, based on winemakers preferences and the types of grapes, yeast and storage equipment that will be used.

So, I’m order to create non-alcoholic wine, the alcoholic version must be made first.

It is only with post-processing that alcohol is then removed from wine.

How is Alcoholic Wine Turned into Non-Alcoholic Wine?

With the range of technology available to food and drink manufacturers these days, removing alcohol from wine is fairly simple.

There are two main processes.


Distillation is the process of removing alcohol through evaporation.

The alcoholic wine is added to a vessel, and pressure is applied. 

Steam is the added to the vessel which heats up the solution and allows the alcohol to evaporate and then collected. This is distillation.

Adding pressure reduces the required temperature to evaporate alcohol from the wine solution, but ensures that the wine doesn’t get too hot so that the flavours and aromas are affected, caused by a chemical process known as oxidisation.

The wine is heated until the desired amount of alcohol is removed.


Another way to remove alcohol from wine is through filtration.

Using a process called reverse osmosis, the wine is passed through a membrane, which separates the water and alcohol from the wine.

This results in a condensed version of the wine, which contains all the components that give wine its flavour and aroma.

Once all the alcohol (and most of the water) has been removed, the same amount of water that was removed is then added back in.

This results in just the alcohol being removed from the final solution.

Once either of these methods have been applied, the non-alcoholic wine is then ready for bottling, ready to be consumed!

Does Non-Alcoholic Wine Taste as Good?

At NoLo Beverage, we are on a mission to bring you information regarding non alcoholic and low alcoholic alternatives to your favourite drinks.

With that in mind, we aim to review plenty of different non-alcoholic wines, so make sure to check out our review section so we can answer the questions for you!

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