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How Many Calories in Alcohol Free Beer?

We all know the problem with alcohol.

No matter how many good nights it gives us (even if we can’t remember them all), the more of them you have, the more you are likely to see your waste line expand.

The reason? Calories.

So, surely non-alcoholic and alcohol free beers are an ideal opportunity for us to drink great drinks, but without consuming as many calories?

Let’s take a look and find out.

How Many Calories Are in Alcohol?

In pure alcohol, there are approximately 7 calories per gram which equates to approximately 5.6 calories per ml.

So, take a pint at 4% strength. In total, the drink contains approximately 23ml of alcohol, which comes in around 128 calories per pint.

Doing the same maths with a glass of wine (13%) and you get a similar figure.

But, when we have a glass of wine or a pint of beer, there are also other nutrients that are responsible for adding calories; proteins, carbohydrates, sugars etc.

This soon adds up. For the two servings I have just mentioned, you can typically expect to consume anywhere between 150-200 calories per drink.

And depending on the type, strength and volume of the drinks you are consuming, it is not unfathomable for the above range to increase.

Fortunately, one of the many benefits of alcohol free beers is the reduction in calories, simply due to the lack of alcohol!

The Number of Calories in Alcoholic vs Non-Alcoholic Beers

If you check out any of our non-alcoholic beer reviews, we do our best to include the nutritional information at the end of all the reviews.

For example, Athletic Brewing Run Wild has 19 calories per 100ml (or 63 calories per can) and Peroni Libera 0.0% has 22 calories per 100ml (or 73 calories per bottle).

But have you ever considered the calorie difference between some of the most popular beers in the UK versus their non-alcoholic alternatives?

But if not, we’ve done the hard work for you:

BeerCalories in Alcoholic Version
(per 100ml)
Calories in Non-Alcoholic Version
(per 100ml)
Stella Artois4018
San Miguel4524
Brewdog Punk4415
Adnams Ghost Ship3723
Birra Moretti3720

As you can see from the above table, the alcoholic version of some of the most popular beers in the UK contain around 1.5-2 times as many calories per 100ml serving.

For this reason, non-alcoholic beers are typically marketed as being ‘healthier’ or ‘better’ than typical alcoholic beers. And in some cases, the marketing can often be associated with exercise and physical activity. In some cases, non-alcoholic beers are being marketed as the perfect recovery drink, due to their isotonic properties.

So, there you have it in black and white.

Non-alcoholic beers have approximately half the calories of beers. They also leave you with zero hangover too.

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