When it comes to alcohol, there are two main options: alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Just like their counterparts, non-alcoholic beers come in a variety of flavours and styles, including pilsners, lagers, ales, and stouts and make an excellent alternative for those who wish to enjoy the taste of beer but would like to cut back on their alcohol intake (or avoid it altogether).

It’s important to note that non-alcohol is different to low alcohol, mainly due to the licensing information related with terminology such as ‘alcohol-free’, ‘de-alcoholised’ and ‘low alcohol’, which is common to see across these range of drinks.

We have previously covered some of the general benefits of non alcoholic beers, but in this article, we are going to look specifically at the benefits they bring to your health!

Fewer Calories, Fewer Carbs

Most people are fully aware of the relationship between alcohol content and the number of calories and carbohydrate content they contain.

For most people, cutting back on calories and carbs is a good way to maintain or lose weight. Especially if you are on a diet or hitting the gym more regularly.

One source of calories and carbs that people tend to forget is in alcohol. No matter what diet you are on, if you are still drinking regular strength drinks, you are simply undoing or making it harder for your efforts to succeed.

Choosing a non-alcoholic or low alcoholic beverage instead lets you take part in social activities, without feeling guilty the next day.

Less drinking generally means less hangovers. And we all know how partial we are to a takeaway or junk food after a big drinking session!

Recover From Your Workouts Quicker

Any drink after a workout is vital to restore fluids lost during exercise. There are many studies that suggest that drinking non-alcoholic beer after exercise, especially for long periods of time, can be of great benefit to athletes.

Non alcoholic beer is a healthy option for those who want to recover from a workout, whilst also retaining some of the benefits of traditional sports isotonic drinks.

Check out our review of the isotonic non-alcoholic beer, Erdinger Alcohol Free.

The alcohol content in non alcoholic beers is very low (or non-existent), making them perfect for post-workout recovery. After a tough workout session, the worst thing you could do is drink alcohol which will make you dehydrated and give you an upset stomach.

Stay Hydrated, Too

If you’ve ever had a big session consuming lots of alcohol, you will know the struggle of a dry mouth and feeling dehydrated the day after – desperate for a pint of water without being sick straight away!

Because non-alcoholic drinks contain high water concentrations (without the diuretics) you are likely to feel energised and refreshed. However, if you have too many non-alcoholic beers, you might be making a couple more trips to the toilet in the night!

Get a Better Nights Sleep

It is totally fine to drink non alcoholic beer and improve your sleep.

Non-alcoholic beer can contain hops, which can make you sleepy. Besides, there is a high rate of magnesium in the hops and this mineral is important for muscle relaxation.

Lastly, hops contain xanthohumol and this chemical makes people feel relaxed and less anxious than before.

Feel Less Stressed and Anxious

It is not a secret that alcohol is a major cause of social stigma. But there are other ways to get the desired relaxation and intoxication, without drinking alcohol. One of them is non-alcoholic beer. It can be a good alternative to traditional intoxicating drinks for people who have been convicted or do not want to drink alcohol.

Non-alcoholic beer helps you feel less stressed and anxious, as well as a great way to avoid any next day regret!

Convinced to Give Non-Alcoholic Drinks a Try?

Cutting back – or giving up completely – on alcohol is a lifestyle change that can be tricky to get involved with.

Whilst you don’t need to abstain from alcohol completely, it may be a useful way to be fully committed to see the benefits. A good way to do this, is to get involved in alcohol free initiatives such as Sober October or Dry January.

Another important aspect of giving up alcohol is finding suitable alternatives to drink instead. Why not check out our range of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic drink reviews to see what is available and what we do (and don’t) recommend.

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