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The Best Isotonic Non-Alcoholic Beers

In one of our previous articles, we introduced you to the concept of isotonic non-alcoholic beers, and we briefly introduced you to some of the different beers that claim to be isotonic.

So, in this article, we want to expand on that and highlight the wide range of non-alcoholic isotonic beers that you can buy in stores or online.

Here we go!

Bitburger Drive Non Alcoholic

The Bitburger Drive non alcoholic Pilsner is completely absence of alcohol at 0.0%. Brewed following German Beer Purity laws, it is full-flavoured, with a prickling liveliness, with lingering notes of hops and wormwood.

It is a straw-coloured gold beer that forms a stable, white foam with porous structure.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

One of the most recognised isotonic – and German – alcohol-free beers is this Erdinger Alkoholfrei. Fortunately, it is very easy to find, both in large UK supermarkets and from specialist online beer retailers.


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Krombacher Non Alcoholic Pilsner

The Krombacher non alcoholic pilsner has 0.0% alcohol after going through a process of de-alcoholisation, yet allows it to retain its unique aroma.

This beer is described as hoppy aroma, with a malty sweetness and crisp finish, that is best enjoyed chilled from the fridge!

Krombacher Weizen Alcohol Free

This Krombacher Weizen is brewed in the exact manner for that as the full-alcohol version, the Krombacher wheat. Using the de-alcoholisation process that the above Krombacher non-alcoholic pilsner goes through, it has an ABV of 0.5% but keeps the wheaty taste and aroma that are typical with wheat beers.

The beer is amber and cloudy opal in colour, with a perlage of “sparkling fizzy toward rich creamy” and goes well with pan-fried salmon steaks, which is also perfect after a big sports session!

Fruh Sport Alcohol Free Beer

Fruh Sport is a fruity non-alcoholic beer that fuses the delicious mix of lemonade and non-alcoholic Fruh Kolsch.

This beer has an ingredient list longer than most beers; with added vitamin C, vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 all added, aiding to the isotonic nature of the drink.

Furstenberg Alkoholfrei Pilsner

Getting hold of the Furstenberg Alkoholfrei Pilsner is not so easy for consumers in the UK, and it may be a good excuse to book a flight over to Germany!

This 0.0% pilsner is another beer where alcohol is removed post brewing, but without ruining any of the delicate hoppy, beer flavour that many non-alcoholic beers lack.

At just 11 kcal per 100ml, you are only consuming 55 kcal per 500 ml bottle – a lot less than any alcoholic beer!

Inne Beczki Zero To Hero Alcohol Free Lager

Whilst most of the beers in this list are of German heritage, this Inne Beczki beer is a Polish non-alcoholic beer with just 0.5% ABV.

The Zero To Hero lager is a source of antixoidants, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins, and also includes sea salt amongst its ingredients for an extra dose of electrolytes!

This is another beer that might be hard to get hold of however.

Kaiserdom Alcohol Free Hefe-Weissbier

This wheat beer is full-bodied and fruity, but with a 0.0% ABV.

High in vitamins such as vitamin B12 and folic acid, it is definitely a beer you can consider for your post-workout recovery.

Maisel’s Weisse Wheat Beer

Maisel’s Weisse wheat beer is cloudy wheat beer that has a unique glowing amber colour with a spicy fruit taste. The usual ingredients are here; Fichtelgebirge spring water, Hallertau hops, brewing salts and the unique Maisel cellar yeast which are responsible for a unique tasting beer.

The beer is alcohol free, vitamin rich and of course, isotonic.

Nirvana Bavarian Helles Alcohol Free Lager

All of the beers so far have been from mainland Europe, but this Nirvana beer is the first from here in the UK. It is also a bronze award winner in the 2020 World Beer Awards.

The golden-coloured lager has a nectar finish with pleasant biscuit notes and contains plenty of B vitamins and folic acid, with just 66 kcal per 330 ml bottle.

Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier Non-Alcoholic Beer

The Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier is a popular alcohol-free German beer that is steeped in tradition.

The beer features four different malts – light wheat, dark wheat, Pilsner malt and Munich malt – and two hops – Hekules and Taurus – to create a fruity aroma with fine notes of malt and yeast.

We’ve yet to review this, but why not check out our review of the similar Paulaner Weissbier 0.0%.

Schneider Weisse Non Alcoholic Beer

Like most other beers in this list, the Schneider Weisse non alcoholic beer is a wheat beer from Germany. However, this beer is a strong red beer, compared to the typical golden colour.

The beer is made with Hallertauer Tradition hops and wheat malt and barley malt, which is produced in an open fermentation process.

Stiegl 0.0% Zitrone Alcohol Free Beer

Here’s another lemon-flavoured beer – or radler – if you hadn’t of guessed from the ‘Zitrone’ wording in the name of this beer.

Hailing from Austria, this beer has 0.0% alcohol, but has a fresh fruity flavour in a beer that is straw-coloured and naturally cloudy. Slightly sparking with a light bitterness, this is definitely an isotonic beer to enjoy after physical exercise on a hot summers day!

Stride ‘Dive In’ Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Stride are a newcomer to the world of non-alcoholic beers, only launching in 2021. But they launched with the aim of providing great tasting non-alcoholic beers that are also isotonic.

The first of the two in this list is the Dive In Pale Ale. With a flavour profile of mango, hints of caramel with a dry hopped finish, this beer is not only isotonic, but has just 43 kcal per 330 ml can!

This beer has already won a silver award in the 2021 European Beer Challenge.

Stride ‘On Track’ Alcohol Free Pale Lager

The second of the Stride non-alcoholic beers is the On Track pale lager. With a European style, it has roasted malt, hop flavour with hints of honey and a subtle bitter finish.

This beer has less than 0.5% ABV, has only 33 kcal per 330 ml can and has won a gold award in the 2021 European Beer Challenge!

Over to You!

For any sports enthusiasts that like to relax and recover with a beer, why not consider one of the above non-alcoholic alternatives next time you finish a big session?

Alternatively, if you come across an isotonic non-alcoholic beer that is not listed above, please do let us know so we can add it to the list, and get round to writing a review!