Long before I got into my non-alcoholic drinking journey, I always used to look at ‘alcohol-free’ beers and think ‘what’s the point?’.

But since then, a lot has changed over a short period of time within the drinks market.

There are now more options than ever when it comes to alcohol free beers; from big name brands, to independent craft beers, to anything in between. This has help shift popular opinion and many people are now intrigued, or at least dipping their toe in the water.

If you are on the fence, or need a bit more convincing. Here are some of the real reasons for the rise in non-alcoholic beer consumption.

Better Availability

As I touched on in the intro, there is no better availability of non-alcoholic beers than there is today.

Over the last few years, buying non-alcoholic drinks was something you had to go out of your way for. Usually to a specialist online retailer.

But these days, you can pick up non-alcoholic drinks in almost all the same places you can pick up a normal beer. Whether than be at supermarkets, your online food shop, local pubs and restaurants and even Amazon.

Not only is it easier to get hold of, the range of drinks is continuing to increase!

Wide Choice of Drinks

For the last five years or so, the range of available non-alcoholic beers was limited. You could opt to go for a Beck’s Blue, or you could go out of your way to find a niche non-alcoholic beer specialist.

But things have changed. Considerably.

Not only are there more smaller and independent non-alcoholic beer brands, which can be purchased directly or from a specialist online drinks retailer, but the most popular beer brands have also converted.

It is now easier than ever to get non-alcoholic versions of popular lagers such as Stella Artois, Peroni and San Miguel for example. The (second) release of alcohol-free version of Guinness cleared the shelves across the UK, and generated plenty of news coverage too!

Better Quality

As the industry has evolved, so has the production methods associated with no-alcoholic beer production. Non-alcoholic beers were always considered an after-thought for most brands, and as such, the care or attention to quality just didn’t exist.

But with the demand for better alcohol free beers, things have changed.

There are now specialist brewing methods, equipment and ingredients solely for alcohol-free beers. This has allowed better tasting drinks, and more of them!

It’s Cheaper

Alcohol prices continue to go up. Mainly due to the tax that Government’s impose on drinkers.

But socio-economic factors; Brexit, Covid, Ukraine war, etc have caused the prices of almost everything to go up too. Compounding the effect of alcohol price increases.

Non-alcoholic beers are a cheaper alternative to alcoholic drinks. No alcohol = less tax.

It’s fair to say that non-alcoholic beers aren’t as cheap as traditional soft drinks, but they are a fair compromise between the two.

It’s Healthier

Everybody knows that continuous or excessive alcohol consumption is bad. So replacing your favourite alcoholic beer for a non-alcoholic alternative is immediately a healthy option.

Non-alcoholic beers have less calories and can act as an isotonic; ideal if you are into sport and physical exercise!

Where Next For Non-Alcoholic Beers?

Regardless of whether you are onboard with the non-alcoholic beers (and drinks) movement in the UK, Europe and beyond, the non-alcoholic drinks market is set to continue.

Now is always a good time to consider updating your opinion, or convincing friends and family members to try the range of drinks available.

Looking for inspiration as to where to start? Why not check out our range of non-alcoholic beer reviews?

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