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Days Lager

When today is cold and tonight is cold and tomorrow is cold and tomorrow night is cold, there’s a good chance you are living in North England in the winter. The only solution is to combine cold days with cold lager and thus, today, I am dancing with Days Lager.  The brewer, Scotland-based Days Brewing, …

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Brulo – 5 Fruit Gose

Brulo’s all-seeing eye is never too far away when discussing exciting nolo brewers. It’s like the eye of Suaron, except instead of searching for one ring to rule them all, Brulo is searching for hop forward nolo beers…to rule them all. Brulo was founded in 2019 and hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Founder James brands Brulo …

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Fungtn Chaga Lager

I think this will work…I’m a big believer that mushrooms improve virtually every savoury dish that they are added to. And, based on two personal experiences – one on a Texas ranch and one on a beach in Southern Taiwan, I’m also a big believer in the magical power and wisdom of mushrooms. Just don’t …

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