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Located in the heart of Bavaria, Brauhaus Nittenau encapsulates centuries of German brewing tradition. Since its inception, this family-owned brewery has embodied the essence of Bavarian brewing, creating beers that reflect the rich heritage of their homeland.

Brauhaus Nittenau is known for its adherence to the Reinheitsgebot – the German Beer Purity Law. By adhering to this age-old decree, they ensure that their beers are made using only barley, hops, and water, delivering a pure and authentic taste of Bavaria in every bottle.

In a nod to the changing preferences of modern beer drinkers, Brauhaus Nittenau has expanded its repertoire to include non-alcoholic beers. These brews deliver the same authentic Bavarian flavours that Brauhaus Nittenau is renowned for, just without the alcohol.

A leading example of their non-alcoholic range is the “Nittenau Weissbier Alkoholfrei”. This alcohol-free wheat beer showcases the brewery’s expertise in creating richly flavoured, satisfying brews that capture the essence of traditional Bavarian wheat beers.

Moreover, their “Nittenau Pils Alkoholfrei” is another standout. This non-alcoholic Pils offers a crisp, refreshing taste that rivals traditional Pilsners, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a lighter, alcohol-free option.

Brauhaus Nittenau’s non-alcoholic beers reflect their commitment to catering to the evolving tastes of beer lovers without compromising their time-honoured brewing traditions. These beers allow you to savour the authentic tastes of Bavaria, free from alcohol.