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Floral and spicy with notes of vanilla and cloves. The strong malty aroma of Leffe Blonde reveals a sweet bitterness in perfect harmony with notes of vanilla and clove


Since its establishment in 1240, Leffe has held a unique place in the annals of beer history. Originating from the Abbey of Leffe in Belgium, Leffe beers carry a heritage that links them to an age-old tradition of Belgian abbey brewing. Known for their rich, complex flavours and high-quality ingredients, Leffe beers are a tribute to the art of Belgian brewing.

In response to the increasing consumer demand for non-alcoholic alternatives, Leffe has extended its expertise to the creation of non-alcoholic beers. These offerings stay true to the Leffe tradition, providing the same distinctive flavours but without the alcohol.

The “Leffe Blonde 0.0%” is a remarkable offering in their lineup. This non-alcoholic beer maintains the characteristic richness and full-bodied flavour of the traditional Leffe Blonde, showcasing fruity notes, subtle sweetness, and a hint of bitterness.

Similarly, the “Leffe Bruin 0.0%” offers a non-alcoholic variant of their renowned brown ale. It features the same deep brown colour and full-bodied malty flavour, punctuated by hints of caramel and chocolate, minus the alcohol.

Through these non-alcoholic beers, Leffe proves its adaptability, bringing the heritage of Belgian abbey brewing to the non-alcoholic beer market.