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Only in Dreams is the first release in a six-part collaborative series between Mash Gang & Vault City. Our sour summer begins with a tangy twist on a classic cocktail, balancing sweet tart flavours with a little spice.

What’s better than minimal? Lots more minimalism. Thicker, creamier, with a ludicrous hop dose. An XXXPA. Chug, but less chugable


A decadent 0.5% chocolate stout with vanilla and creamy oats, spiked with a rather extravagant amount of sweet and sour cherry juice


This is Spiritual Journey 2.0 - Elevated and represents the next stage in our overhopped juicy pale ale journey. The culmination of a year of research and development. If you liked Spiritual Journey but still wanted more


A full flavoured German Pilsner style dry hopped with Saaz hops. Crisp, clean with a light aroma of citrus rind and spice


Mash Gang stands out in the beer world for its unique attitude and ethos. Founded on the principle of “Beer. Art. Chaos.”, this UK brewery is all about pushing the boundaries, breaking the rules, and disrupting the beer market. With its vibrant brews and distinctive art-inspired branding, Mash Gang is more than a brewery—it’s a movement, a community that celebrates individuality and creativity in beer-making.

Their mission is about giving people an exceptional beer experience that extends beyond the drink itself, tapping into a lifestyle and culture that embraces the unexpected, but without the alcohol.

Their Mash Gang range is a testament to their commitment to innovation and breaking conventions. These non-alcoholic beers carry the same vibrancy, attitude, and flavour that Mash Gang is known for, offering a dynamic mix of taste profiles from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, all without the alcohol.

With their non-alcoholic offerings, Mash Gang continues to disrupt the beer world, proving that great beer isn’t defined by its alcohol content. Here’s to Mash Gang – brewing with attitude, now alcohol-free. A brewery that proves you can live life on your terms, enjoying the full flavour and creativity of craft beer, without the alcohol.