Beavertown Brewery

Last Updated: 8th September 2022

Countries AvailableUK
Year Launched2016
Drink RangeBeers
No & Low Alcohol Exclusive?No
Number of Beers2
NoLo Alcohol ReviewsComing Soon!

About Beavertown Brewery

Over 10 years ago, something crash landed in the kitchen of a North London grill joint and Beavertown was born in BBQ sauce and gamma-rays.

Soon, we were humbly brewing great beers for everyone – made to be enjoyed anywhere in the universe, on earth…or even your mate Steve’s garden.

These days, our North London mothership (…brewery, sorry we get carried away sometimes) brews enough pints to fill over 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools – that’s right, imagine doing laps in that! (Please drink and swim responsibility).

To cut a long story short, it turns out you lot now don’t mind a Neck Oil or two and we’re now the perfect accompaniment to your local customs like ‘weekend’ or ‘friendship’.


Range of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

There are just two non-alcoholic drinks currently produced by Beavertown Brewery:

  • Lazer Crush – Alcohol Free IPA
  • Astro-Nought – Alcohol Free Lager

Where to Beavertown Brewery Non-Alcoholic Beers

You can find a selection of Beavertown Brewery non-alcoholic drinks at the following retail and online stores:


  • Dry Drinker
  • Beer Hunter
  • Wise Bartender
  • Booze Free
  • Online Booze


  • Sainsbury’s
  • Tesco