Last Updated: 7th September 2022

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Countries AvailableUK
Year Launched2016
Drink RangeBeers
No & Low Alcohol Exclusive?Yes
Number of Beers3
NoLo Alcohol ReviewsComing Soon!

About Impossibrew

Mark loves beer. He loved it so much that he started studying alcohol professionally the moment he turned 18. His passion for complex flavours led him to became one of the highest scoring French Wine Scholars (FWS).

One day he received worrying news about his health and he was advised to stop drinking. He missed the experience of drinking but none of the alcohol alternatives did it for him.

Mark began searching for a healthy, relaxing alternative to booze that is more than just ‘alcohol-free’. 

During a research project, he came across the Kissa Yojoki – published in 1211 AD Japan. It detailed how his ancestors were using herbs for their effects on the body and mind.

Mark bought his findings and enlisted help from various experts but many thought his project was impossible

In the end, Dr Paul Chazot, FBPhs, a world-leading biosciences professor at Durham University supported his vision, bringing decades of experience to the team.

So Mark set up a team and started brewing in his kitchen. Though it wasn’t pretty, they managed to win several start-up competitions – and with the prize money and his own savings, IMPOSSIBREW was born

We are defined by our mentality to make the impossible, possible – finding new ways to unwind, without alcohol.


Range of Drinks

The following list are non-alcoholic beers are made by Big Drop Brewing Co.

  • Lager Beer
  • Hazy Pale
  • Pale – Extra Hopped

Impossibrew Drink Awards

  • European Beer Challenge – 2021 – Gold
  • London Beer Competition – 2022 – Gold
  • London Beer Competition – 2022 – Silver

Where to Impossibrew Beers

You can find a selection of Impossibrew drink at the following online stores:


  • Amazon
  • Light Drinks
  • Wise Bartender
  • Drift Drinks
  • All Things Drink