Mash Gang

Last Updated: 6th September 2022

Countries AvailableUK
Year Launched2020
Drink RangeBeers, Seltzer
No & Low Alcohol Exclusive?Yes
Number of Beers10+
NoLo Alcohol ReviewsComing Soon!

About Mash Gang

A bunch of friends who started brewing NOLO beers during the 1st lockdown. After a fairly successful first launch we went a bit rogue and made about 9 beers in 3 months, people kept wanting more so, we kept making them.

We didn’t quite intend to start a company and carry on after lockdown ended, but here we are. 


Range of Drinks

The range of Mash Gang drinks changes incredibly frequently, so we imagine the full list will expand quicker than we can update it, and also feature some end-of-line beers.

Alcohol Free (0.5%)

  • Stoop
  • Sour Batch Hops
  • Cryo Pop Tarts
  • Cap’N Krunk
  • Tears (Seltzer)
  • Chug
  • Unlucky Charms
  • High Definition
  • NesKveik
  • California Uncommon
  • Rad
  • Transcendence
  • Stoop Extra Dry
  • Spiritual Journey
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Big Natty
  • I Am Become Death Destroyer of Worlds
  • Infinity Pool
  • Brewski
  • Yeah Nah Yeah
  • Dead Mall
  • Fresh Beer Project 000 Prologue: You’ll Never Transcend the Divine Machinery of the Body
  • Chapter One – Sniffin Glue and Other Rock N Roll Habits
  • Dark Paradise
  • Neon Rain
  • Tahiti Treat
  • Tears
  • 6am Load In

Where to Buy Mash Gang Beers

You can find a selection of Mash Gang Beers at the following places:


  • Wise Bartender
  • Craft Metropolis
  • Beerizer
  • Beer52
  • Beer Guerilla
  • Caps and Taps
  • Light Drinks
  • Beer Shop HQ
  • Brew Cavern
  • Wee Beer Shop