Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Last Updated: 3rd June 2022

Countries AvailableUK
Year Launched2020
Drink RangeBeers
No & Low Alcohol Exclusive?No
Number of Beers5+
NoLo Alcohol ReviewsComing Soon!

About Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

SiWC started life in 2020. Our ambition is to become a leading brewery specialising in the production of low-alcohol and alcohol free beers and to open a series of accessible, inclusive pubs, which reflect the communities they serve.​

Through an intensive R&D process, we’ve developed effective methods for producing high quality drinkable alcohol free and lower alcohol beers and have created a unique range. These are beers you’ll remember.


Range of Drinks

The following list are products made by SiWC

Alcohol Free (0.5%)

  • Lager Day Saints
  • Easy Rinder
  • Small Kingdom IPA

Low Alcohol (2.8%)

  • Shetland Pony Pale Ale
  • Short Stack Wheat Beer
  • Whisky Barrel Aged Black Lager
  • Blue Balls Lager

Where to Buy Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Beers

You can find a selection of Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Beers at the following places:


  • Devenick Drinks
  • Dry Drinker
  • EeBria Trade
  • Light Drinks
  • Wise Bartender