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A classic hop-fest that fuses tropical flavours to recreate the intensity of a double IPA. The fantastic blend of US hops combine to give pineapple, citrus, pine and stone fruit aromas underpinned by a pine and herby flavour – topped off with an unapologetic slap of mango – to make this the ultimate summer thirst quencher


Heavy-duty hops. Azacca for ripe mango with a hint of fresh pine, Amarillo gives bags of sweet orange, and Citra adds the zesty citrus and grapefruit bitterness that we all want in an IPA


Named after the Haitian god of agriculture. Azacca delivers a bright and refreshing aroma with juicy mango, tropical fruits, and citrus


Azacca hops are a newer hop variety that can be used to add a unique flavour and aroma to non-alcoholic beers. They were first released in 2013 and have quickly gained popularity among craft brewers. When used in non-alcoholic beers, Azacca hops can add a tropical fruit flavour with notes of citrus, mango, and pineapple.

They have a low to moderate level of bitterness, which makes them a good choice for non-alcoholic beers that aim for a balance of flavour and bitterness. Azacca hops are also known for their versatility and can be used in a variety of beer styles. Overall, Azacca hops can be a great option for non-alcoholic beer makers who want to add a fruity and refreshing flavor to their products.