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Lucky Saint is born of Bavarian barley, single-use yeast and Hallertau hops for a unique lager that is unfiltered and uncompromising


Aromas of cracker, light honey and pepper this lager is crisp, balanced with a suitable level of bitterness to ensure it has a dry, refreshing bite. Keep it nice and chilled. Goes well with any food eaten on a hot summers day.


An award-winning Lager that is clean, crisp and sessionable. Lightly malted with well-balanced floral and citrus notes

A smooth refreshing lager brewed with a balance of European noble hops and pilsner malt deliver a crisp and refreshing beer with a long clean finish.

An eminent golden ray of sunshine, this malt forward offering brings a soft, honey aroma and a robust malt backbone, balanced with a gentle bitterness from the traditional noble hops and a delicate uplifting waft of citrus from the new world addition.


Hallertau hops are a traditional hop variety that can be used to add a delicate and floral flavour and aroma to non-alcoholic beers. They have a long history and were first grown in the Hallertau region of Germany.

When used in non-alcoholic beers, Hallertau hops can add a herbal and spicy flavour with notes of citrus and pepper, as well as a subtle earthy undertone. They have a low to moderate level of bitterness, which makes them a good choice for non-alcoholic beers that aim for a subtle and balanced hop presence. Hallertau hops are particularly suited for German beer styles, such as lagers, pilsners, and wheat beers.

Overall, Hallertau hops can be a great option for non-alcoholic beer makers who want to add a classic and refined flavour to their products.