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Smooth, full bodied and juicy New England IPA. Bursting with Pineapple, Grapefruit & Mango aromas and rounded off with a touch of Vanilla.


Named after the Haitian god of agriculture. Azacca delivers a bright and refreshing aroma with juicy mango, tropical fruits, and citrus


Sabro hops are a hop variety that can be used to add a distinctive and tropical flavour and aroma to non-alcoholic beers. They were first released in 2018 and have since gained popularity among craft brewers for their unique character.

When used in non-alcoholic beers, Sabro hops can add a strong and complex flavour with notes of coconut, tropical fruit, and citrus, as well as a subtle woody and earthy undertone. They have a moderate level of bitterness, which makes them a good choice for non-alcoholic beers that aim for a balanced and flavorful character. Sabro hops are particularly suited for beer styles that require a tropical and fruity profile, such as IPAs, pale ales, and wheat beers. They are also known for their versatility, as they can be used for both bittering and aroma purposes.

Overall, Sabro hops can be a great option for non-alcoholic beer makers who want to add a unique and tropical flavour to their products.