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Brulo's first step into the dark side but still bringing the lashings of juicy hops you love so much. A blend of 6 grains and loaded with a dry hop duo of Simcoe and Columbus


Biscuit 50 is a type of malted grain commonly used in the production of non-alcoholic beers. It is a lightly toasted malt that imparts a distinctive biscuit-like flavour and aroma to beer.

In non-alcoholic beers, Biscuit 50 can be used to add depth and complexity to the flavor profile. It can also help balance the sweetness of non-alcoholic beers and provide a subtle, nutty character.

Biscuit 50 is often used in combination with other types of malted grains, such as pale malt or crystal malt, to achieve a desired flavour profile. The amount of Biscuit 50 used will depend on the specific recipe and desired outcome.

Overall, Biscuit 50 can be a valuable ingredient in the production of non-alcoholic beers, providing a unique flavour and aroma that can make them more enjoyable and satisfying to drink.