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Dry hopped with refreshing floral and grapefruit hops, a splash of yuzu bursts through the caramel base to create a perfect harmony of flavours


Extreme juiciness bursts through the subtle caramel base with blasts of passion fruit, stone fruit, and citrus, capped with a sessionably bitter finish


Complex notes of roasted coffee and smoked malt awaken the senses to create a carefully crafted balance of flavours


A postmodern classic, reinvented. Juicy tropical fruit mixes it up with grassy and pine notes for a beer that’s all flavour, no alcohol


A light Pilsner malt offering up a delicate backbone that gives the hops a stage to shine. The final result is a light lager with zingy citrus and herbal notes, coupled with savoury biscuit malts.


A lovely citrus taste and aroma of Ghost Ship 4.5%, but with almost all of the alcohol smuggled away. A special blend of East Anglian Malt and bold American hops like Citra and brewed a like a 'normal' batch of Ghost Ship


Perfectly balanced flavour to the recipe based on hops and numerous types of malt: Pilsner, Munich, caramel and roasted. It is a combination of subtle bitterness with a slight hint of sweetness, creating a pleasant non-alcoholic beer


Caramalt is a type of specialty malt commonly used in the production of non-alcoholic beers. It is a light-coloured malt that is lightly kilned and has a sweet, caramel-like flavour and aroma. Caramalt is often used in small amounts to add body, sweetness, and a subtle caramel flavour to non-alcoholic beers, which can help compensate for the absence of alcohol.

In addition to its flavour and aroma contributions, Caramalt also provides non-alcoholic beers with some additional nutritional value. It contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can help improve the nutritional profile of non-alcoholic beers, which can be especially important for those who choose to drink non-alcoholic beer as a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Overall, Caramalt is an important ingredient in the production of non-alcoholic beers, as it can help to enhance their flavour, aroma, and nutritional value.