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Lucky Saint is born of Bavarian barley, single-use yeast and Hallertau hops for a unique lager that is unfiltered and uncompromising


Super refreshing Gose with Mango, Passionfruit, Guava, Apricot, and Orange. A tropical delight with a smooth mouthfeel


Perfect balance of flavour, bitterness and drinkability, this special double dry hopped IPA has been treated to twice the amount of hops, giving you an extra punch of the juicy hop flavours and aromas we love so much


Brulo's first step into the dark side but still bringing the lashings of juicy hops you love so much. A blend of 6 grains and loaded with a dry hop duo of Simcoe and Columbus


Hazy and smooth, crushable and loaded with passionfruit and mango aromas. Part of a trio of collabs with our friends at The Garden - Birth. Death - Mash Gang


A lager that pours smoothly without an over-inflated head. A balanced and rich malt body and balanced, slightly marked bitterness. Centennial and Mosaic varieties of American hops give the brew a fresh floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus


A light Pilsner malt offering up a delicate backbone that gives the hops a stage to shine. The final result is a light lager with zingy citrus and herbal notes, coupled with savoury biscuit malts.


A full flavoured German Pilsner style dry hopped with Saaz hops. Crisp, clean with a light aroma of citrus rind and spice


Heavy-duty hops. Azacca for ripe mango with a hint of fresh pine, Amarillo gives bags of sweet orange, and Citra adds the zesty citrus and grapefruit bitterness that we all want in an IPA


Thanks to its balanced combination of fine malt aromas, refreshingly fruity Weissbier flavours and a pleasing hint of sweetness, our non-alcoholic Weissbier 0,0% can be enjoyed on any occasion


Pilsner malt is a type of malted barley that is commonly used in the production of non-alcoholic beers. It is made by taking barley and allowing it to sprout, which activates enzymes that convert the starches in the grain into sugars. The sprouted barley is then kilned, or dried, to stop the sprouting process and create a flavourful malt.

In non-alcoholic beer production, pilsner malt is often used as a base malt, providing the bulk of the fermentable sugars needed to create alcohol during the brewing process. Since non-alcoholic beers do not undergo the same fermentation process as traditional beers, pilsner malt is used primarily to provide flavour and colour to the beer.

Non-alcoholic beers made with pilsner malt can vary in flavour and style, ranging from light and refreshing to full-bodied and complex. Pilsner malt can contribute to the beer’s crisp, clean flavour profile, as well as its light colour. It can also provide some body and mouthfeel to the beer, enhancing its overall texture.

Overall, pilsner malt is an important ingredient in the production of many non-alcoholic beers and can greatly enhance their flavour and character. Its use in non-alcoholic beer production highlights the versatility and diversity of malted barley in brewing.