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Brulo's first step into the dark side but still bringing the lashings of juicy hops you love so much. A blend of 6 grains and loaded with a dry hop duo of Simcoe and Columbus


A lovely citrus taste and aroma of Ghost Ship 4.5%, but with almost all of the alcohol smuggled away. A special blend of East Anglian Malt and bold American hops like Citra and brewed a like a 'normal' batch of Ghost Ship


Named after the Haitian god of agriculture. Azacca delivers a bright and refreshing aroma with juicy mango, tropical fruits, and citrus


Roasted crystal malt is a type of specialty malted grain that is sometimes used in the production of non-alcoholic beers. It is made by taking malted barley and subjecting it to a high temperature roasting process, resulting in a dark, caramelised grain with a distinctive flavour profile.

In non-alcoholic beer production, roasted crystal malt is often used in small quantities to contribute to the beer’s flavour, colour, and aroma. It is typically used in combination with other malts and adjuncts to create a complex flavour profile. Roasted crystal malt can add notes of toffee, caramel, and dark fruit to the beer, as well as a deep reddish-brown colour.

Non-alcoholic beers made with roasted crystal malt can vary in flavour and style, depending on the other ingredients used and the brewing process. Roasted crystal malt can add a layer of sweetness and complexity to the beer, and can contribute to its overall mouthfeel and texture.

Overall, roasted crystal malt is an important ingredient in the production of many non-alcoholic beers and can greatly enhance their flavour and character. Its use in non-alcoholic beer production highlights the versatility and diversity of malted barley in brewing.