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Whilst you might find non-alcoholic beers at your local supermarket or convenience stores, you are often limited to a mediocre choice of drinks, and restricted to buying multipacks of non-alcoholic drinks at once.

Fortunately, there are now many online retailers that are available to offer a wide range of different alcoholic drinks at good value for money.

Why not check out some of the following retailers that already offer a wide selection of the greatest and latest drinks coming on to the market?

Online Retailers

Wise Bartender is one of our favourite online retailers of no and low alcoholic drinks. With an incredibly wide selection, frequently updated with new drinks, there is certainly something for everyone. Free delivery on spends over £39 and a loyalty point scheme too, Wise Bartender is more often that not our go to supplier!

Dry Drinker are an online-only retailer of premium no and low alcohol free beers, wines and spirits, claiming to be the UK's most trusted alcohol-free store, where 8,000 customers have given them a 5-star review. Ordinary drinks aren't for sale here, only the wines that really shine for their customers!
Well known for selling just about every product imaginable, Amazon has also got into selling low and no alcoholic drinks. Although the variety is limited, the availability is ever growing, and you can take advantage of next day delivery if you already have an Amazon Prime membership!
Formed in 2018 to fill a gap in the UK market for non alcoholic products, The Alcohol Free Co was set up by Director Tom and his wife Hannah. Located in Basildon, Essex, are products are sourced and imported/shipped to their storage facility for delivery around the country!
The Alcohol-Free Shop first launched back in 2006, co-founders John and Christine are pleased to offer a wide variety of quality non-alcoholic drinks at best-value prices and, above all, an unbeatable customer service. With over 14 years of experience, you can benefit from their astonishing range of alcohol-free drinks!
The Alcohol Free Drinks Company started trading in August 2021, which has since gone on to become both an online retailer and alcohol free bar pop-up to offer teetotal tasting to those looking to enjoy alcohol drinks, without the alcohol.
LightDrinks is the UK's fastest growing online store that sells drinks that are low in calories, alcohol or alcohol free
Booze Free launched in February 2019 with the focus to provide a wide selection of beers and lagers, as well as a range of ciders. The Booze Free Team is dedicated to bringing high-quality, great tasting low alcohol, alcohol free and non-alcoholic beverages to UK consumers.
Gone are the excruciating and expensive days of trial and error as you stumble towards the tastiest drinks. We’ve trusted two of the world’s greatest alcohol-free artisans to curate our entire portfolio, researching and sampling hundreds of drinks to bring you the world’s most carefully curated collection of alcohol-free experiences.
Deliciousdrinksshop is the biggest web shop specialising in non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine and other non-alcoholic beverages such as non-alcoholic cocktail drinks, offering the most delicious non-alcoholic beverages, and also offering less well-known brands that guarantee top quality.


Operating over 4,000 stores across the UK, selection and choice will vary from store to store, but also offering non-alcoholic drinks online also. Make sure to have your Clubcard to save ££s at the checkout!
Sainsbury's have a reasonably decent selection of non-alcoholic drinks, which can be found across their ~600 supermarkets, ~800 local stores or via their online shop.
Morrisons offers almost 500 stores - of varying size - across the UK, but offers one of the best ranges of non-alcoholic drinks for a UK supermarket - including beers, wines, spirits and cocktails.
With around just 300 Waitrose stores open in the UK, finding a local Waitrose can be difficult. However, you'll soon realise that there are plenty of different low and no alcohol drinks available, without the anticipated Waitrose 'premium pricing'.

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic retailer in the UK, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Most major supermarkets – and some high street stores – now offer a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, but for a greater choice of drinks, there are also dedicated non-alcoholic retailers.

These retailers which have popped up over the last few years, offer a curated selection of non-alcoholic drinks, often sourced from both well-known brand names, but also from small-scale producers and local start-up brands. These online retailers often stock the latest releases at reasonable prices, with shipping anywhere around the UK.