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Another Dimension Cities of Gold Review

This review comes from Tim Jenkins – AKA @afbeerexplorer  on twitter

Another Dimension brewery is a vegan owned brewery based in Brighton. They launched in 2019 with the aim of creating low alcohol beers that are suitable for vegans. They also aim to be as sustainable and eco friendly using processes that create a minimal wastage of water and materials and are also working on a goal to be completely plastic free.

Like many people, alcohol was a big part of founder Joe’s youth, with drinking to an excess being a big part of his university life and afterwards work socials continued this theme.

In 2017, Joe took part in Dry January he originally didn’t plan on quitting drinking for good but quickly discovered how much better he felt and how like many of us he enjoyed discovering new low alcohol beers.

However being vegan choices were very limited and he found he couldn’t find many of the hop forward style beers than he loved.

So he decided to create his own and Another Dimension was created.

Cities of Gold Initial Review

Another dimensions first beer was a pale ale that became generally available at the start of 2021.

Recently they have brought us 2 more beers Pils N Thrills which is a pilsner and cities of Gold south coast IPA they will also be launching a stout very shortly.

another dimension cities of gold alcohol free beer

Today I am looking at the Cities of Gold South Coast IPA. This is a tropical IPA brewed using Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra and Eldorado hops to give it a nice fruity taste with a soft bitter finish.

The artwork on the can is very eye-catching and designed by Junior Tomlin a Digital Artist with over 35 Years experience be sure to check his work out online.

Now I tried this first a couple of weeks ago and my first impressions were that the flavours came across quite bland. It had a nice smooth creamy mouthfeel and a bit of a bitter finish but none of the expected fruit flavours.

Another Dimension saw my comments on this and suggested that I take it out the fridge to warm up a bit before drinking as that would bring out the fruitier hops more. And they were spot on, it was like drinking a totally different beer.

The first taste you get is a burst of strong tropical fruit flavours, I pick out some pineapple and a bit of mango. The smooth mouthfeel I found when it was cold is still there with a bit of vanilla flavour before the bitterness kicks in.

another dimension cities of gold can

Served like this its a great full flavoursome IPA and if you have already tried this beer and like me 1st time wasn’t too impressed I’d highly recommend giving it another go and this time just leave it for a little while to warm you won’t regret it.

Where Can I Buy Cities of Gold?

We picked up our initial 6 pack of Cities of Gold directly from Another Dimension, for a well priced £12.

Cities of Gold Ingredients, Nutritional Information and Calories

Nutritional InformationPer 100mL
Energy (KJ / KCal)TBC
Fat (g)TBC
Of Which Saturates (g)TBC
Carbohydrate (g)TBC
Of Which Sugars (g)TBC
Protein (g)TBC
Salt (g)TBC

Additional Notes of Importance

Like all drinks we review on this site, we paid our own way to obtain the beer without informing the brewer that we would be writing this review.

However, due to some unforeseen courier issues, we ended up waiting a long time for the beer to arrive. We must also state that this was not due to any issues by the Another Dimension team.

But, we reached out to founder Joe and he was incredibly reactive and he immediately sent out another pack of beers for free. We would like to express our thanks to Joe for his help, and we are always open to trying out alcohol free beer from small and local retailers!

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