Tartarus Beers Moon Rabbit

Tartarus Beers Moon Rabbit

Conditioned on tonka & vanilla beans. Deep and rich - a must for any dark beer fan

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Tartarus beers was founded in 2020 with the vision to brew small batch beers with a mythical edge. 

They have quickly became known in the craft beer market as a brewery who produce high quality beers, with a focus on imperial and European Style beers, and also a wide range of other styles from lagers and saisons to full bodied stouts. 

Their beers usually come with a twist and this can be seen in their second birthday beer; using some unusual ingredients to produce a squid ink, seaweed, and yuzu imperial gose.  

Their beers are named after mythical creatures and legends, with each beer coming with a tale which can be accessed by scanning a QR code on the can.  The beers are highly rated, with their recent Brewser Beer Dark Box got voted the best box by Brewsers fans and featured some fantastic stouts.  

So the question that remains to be answered is can they live up to this reputation of making fantastic dark beers but this time without the alcohol?

Moon Rabbit Initial Review

Moon Rabbit as you expect from a stout Pours with a really dark black colour and a nice caramel coloured head.  If you hold the glass up to the light, nothing is getting through. The head has a nice thick look also.  

The aroma to this beer is quite an interesting one. There’s a bit of smokiness, but also quite a bit of sweetness from the vanilla. 

As for the flavour, there is quite a rich smoky flavour, then the sweetness of vanilla, followed to finish by a roasty bitter coffee. To have all these flavours coming through in what seems to be a hard style to replicate in alcohol free is brilliant. 

It has everything you’d expect from a craft stout smooth mouth feel, complex flavours and even the lacing it leaves behind on the glass. Only question now is where do they go from here with their alcohol free beers, what’s next?

Moon Rabbit Packaging

The design of the packaging is also superb and would jump out at you if seen on the shelf the Moon Rabbit coming through it’s portal.  The addition of the QR code is great, and to read the little tale of what a Moon Rabbit is just adds a little fun to the experience.

The can itself is a 440ml can.

Where to Buy Moon Rabbit

I purchased this beer from Wise Bartender at £2.99.

It can also be purchased from the following:

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Wise Bartender
Wise Bartender
Dry Drinker
Dry Drinker

Tartarus Moon Rabbit Ingredients, Nutritional Information and Calories

Water, Barley, Hops (Williamette & Rambling Cross) & Yeast.  Adjuncts: Vanilla & Tonka

A fantastic first alcohol free stout from Tartarus.

Tartarus Beers Moon Rabbit Details

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Dietary Information

Conditioned on tonka & vanilla beans. Deep and rich - a must for any dark beer fan

Value For Money
3.3 Overall Rating
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Tartarus Beers Moon Rabbit