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An easy-drinking and soft-drink beer with soft, fine grain and delicious hop sauce. Nice party and good company for pizzas, salads and light dishes of light meat or seafood


Emerging from the serene fjords of Norway, Aegir Brewery has swiftly carved a name for itself in the realm of craft beers. Named after the mythical Norse sea giant, known for his epic feasts and extraordinary brewing abilities, Aegir Brewery seeks to bring a touch of mythology to every glass.

Aegir combines the rich heritage of Norwegian brewing with innovative techniques and ingredients, resulting in beers that offer a unique drinking experience. Their brews range from traditional Norwegian farmhouse ales to internationally recognised styles, each providing a unique exploration of flavours.

With a belief that quality beer should be enjoyed by everyone, Aegir has also embarked on a journey into the world of non-alcoholic beers.

Aegir Non-Alcoholic Beers: All the Flavour, None of the Alcohol

Aegir’s non-alcoholic offerings reflect their commitment to creating exceptional beers for all tastes. By using the same quality ingredients and maintaining their brewing craftsmanship, Aegir ensures that their low-alcohol alternatives don’t compromise on the taste and aroma their beers are renowned for.

Aegir’s non-alcoholic beers embody the idea that the pleasure of beer-drinking lies not just in the alcohol content, but in the intricate symphony of flavours within every glass. So, here’s to enjoying the mirth of a fine brew with Aegir, without the constraints of alcohol.