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Cider made from natural ingredients, with precision and of course love.


Alcohol-free lager with a discounted price, but a premium lager tasting experience


Founded in Germany over a century ago, Aldi has transformed into a global supermarket powerhouse, renowned for providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Their business model, focused on stocking a limited range of items and using a cost-effective approach to store design, has allowed them to offer customers great value for money.

As a part of their diverse product range, Aldi offers a substantial selection of alcoholic beverages. Shoppers can find everything from premium craft beers and international wines, to distinctive spirits and liqueurs, all at remarkably competitive prices. This has made Aldi a go-to destination for consumers seeking variety and value in their alcoholic beverage purchases.

Yet, Aldi’s commitment to catering to different customer preferences does not stop at alcoholic beverages. Recognizing the growing trend towards healthier and more responsible drinking habits, Aldi has made a conscientious effort to stock a limited yet commendable range of non-alcoholic drinks. Their non-alcoholic beers, ciders, and wines cater to those customers who enjoy the rituals and tastes associated with alcoholic drinks, but prefer to avoid the alcohol itself.

Despite being a smaller selection compared to their alcoholic offerings, these non-alcoholic alternatives are competitively priced, reflecting Aldi’s commitment to affordability. Thus, Aldi effectively strikes a balance, offering an array of choices for those who wish to indulge, and an affordable selection for those who prefer the non-alcoholic route, making it a versatile supermarket for all.