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Natural sweetness of the grain beautifully balances the bitter tones of the beer. A clear hop flavour, a beer with a full body which has a strong bite in its aftertaste, without alcohol


With a brewing legacy that spans over 300 years, Bavaria Brewery is a symbol of uncompromising quality and brewing mastery. Founded in 1719 in Lieshout, the Netherlands, Bavaria has remained family-owned for seven generations, keeping their commitment to traditional brewing methods alive while embracing new techniques and trends.

Bavaria’s illustrious history is complemented by a dedication to sustainable practices, focusing on energy-efficient brewing methods and sustainable agriculture. This commitment to quality, tradition, and sustainability sets Bavaria apart as a brewery of distinction.

Understanding the shifting preferences of today’s consumers, Bavaria has made significant strides in the non-alcoholic beer market. Their alcohol-free brews showcase the same dedication to quality and taste that their traditional beers are renowned for, providing a satisfying alternative for those seeking to reduce their alcohol intake.

A leading light in their non-alcoholic range is the “Bavaria 0.0% Original”. This brew mirrors the flavours of a traditional Bavarian beer, boasting a crisp, refreshing taste and a beautifully balanced hop profile, all without the alcohol.

In addition, Bavaria offers a unique spin on non-alcoholic beers with their “Bavaria 0.0% Wit”. This white beer, with its fruity and wheaty undertones, gives beer enthusiasts an alcohol-free alternative with a difference.

Bavaria’s non-alcoholic beers represent a fusion of centuries-old brewing tradition and modern innovation. These brews allow beer lovers to enjoy the craftsmanship and heritage of Bavaria’s brewing expertise, without the effects of alcohol.