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Moravian barley for a bold, sweet, toasted malt profile, and the same Saaz hops for a lightly spiced, fresh, citrusy aroma with just a hint of bitterness. Rich, full-flavoured and always satisfying, Budvar Nealko sees nothing taken away except the alcohol


Budvar, also known as the Budweiser Budvar Brewery, is a brewery in České Budějovice, Czech Republic that has been producing beer since 1895. Known worldwide for its classic Czech lager, Budvar has become a symbol of Czech brewing tradition, embodying the country’s beer-making heritage in every bottle.

At Budvar, brewing is more than just a process – it’s a passion and a dedication to the preservation of the Czech beer-making tradition, using the same quality ingredients and time-honoured methods that have been used for centuries.

Adapting to modern lifestyles and preferences for healthier alternatives, Budvar has expanded their product line to include non-alcoholic beers that carry the same quality and taste that Budvar is celebrated for.

Their “Budvar B:Free” is a testament to the brewery’s commitment to this new endeavour. This non-alcoholic lager maintains the full-bodied character and balanced bitterness of its traditional counterpart. It’s crafted with the same Saaz hops, Moravian malt, and soft water drawn from the brewery’s artesian wells, providing an authentic Czech lager experience, but without the alcohol.

Additionally, their “Budvar B:Original Alcohol-Free” is a non-alcoholic version of the brewery’s flagship lager. With its golden colour, rich head, and distinctive hop aroma, it offers a non-alcoholic alternative that stays true to its roots.

With these non-alcoholic offerings, Budvar is proving that the richness and depth of Czech brewing can be enjoyed without the alcohol. Here’s to Budvar – preserving Czech brewing tradition and embracing innovation for a healthier future.