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An extremely drinkable, light, citrusy, alcohol-free pale ale with an intense tropical fruit aroma, followed by a crisp, refreshing bitterness which doesn’t linger


Founded in 2015 by British expatriates Ian and Emily Jebbitt and their Hong Kong friend, Joe Gould, Gweilo started as a passion project aimed at refreshing the beer scene in Hong Kong. Today, Gweilo is one of the most recognised craft beer brands in Hong Kong, delivering a wide array of unique and flavourful beers.

Gweilo’s mission is to create inclusive, easy-drinking beers that can be enjoyed by everyone, and their beers certainly reflect this commitment. They’re brewed with the freshest ingredients and maintain a distinctive character that sets them apart.

Recognising the growing trend towards healthier, non-alcoholic alternatives, Gweilo has introduced non-alcoholic beers that offer the same exciting flavours without the alcohol.

With their non-alcoholic beers, Gweilo continues to uphold their commitment to crafting inclusive, enjoyable beers.