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Packed with hugely flavourful and aromatic Citra and Mosaic hops from the USA, expect a rounded citrus character with tropical stone fruit present on the nose. The body is crisp with a balanced bitterness to finish


HonestBrew started with a simple vision: to bring a diverse selection of the best craft beers from around the world to the doorsteps of beer lovers. Founded by Andrew Reeve in 2014, HonestBrew has been connecting craft breweries with discerning drinkers, providing them with an online platform that champions craft beer culture.

HonestBrew’s mission is to make great beer accessible to all, helping beer enthusiasts discover new flavours and breweries while supporting independent craft brewers.

Recognising the rising demand for non-alcoholic drinks, HonestBrew has curated a selection of non-alcoholic beers that uphold the craft quality they champion.

Their offering includes a wide variety of styles, from IPAs and pale ales to lagers and stouts, all from reputable craft breweries. This commitment to variety ensures that there is a non-alcoholic beer to suit every palate.

Each non-alcoholic beer in HonestBrew’s collection has been carefully selected for its taste and quality. This attention to detail means that even without alcohol, these beers offer the complexity, flavour, and satisfaction of their alcoholic counterparts.

The non-alcoholic beer range at HonestBrew provides a way for beer lovers to enjoy excellent craft beers without the alcohol, making it easier to enjoy more of the beers they love more often.

With their non-alcoholic beer selection, HonestBrew continues to champion the craft beer industry, proving that craft quality and a dedication to flavour can exist without alcohol.