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This IPA combines a smooth six-grain body with bold citrus notes to give a refreshing & hoppy flavour. It's double dry-hopped to be full-bodied and taste just like your favourite craft beer


Founded by brothers Chris and Tom Hannaway in 2018, Infinite Session is a craft brewery with a clear mission: to create beer that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Located in the United Kingdom, Infinite Session prides itself on brewing non-alcoholic beers that are full of flavour, crafted for all occasions, and designed to be enjoyed again and again.

Their name, Infinite Session, is a nod to their dedication to creating beers that provide the perfect balance between taste and drinkability, offering beer enthusiasts an ‘infinite session’ of their favourite brews.

Infinite Session has taken the challenge of brewing non-alcoholic beers head-on, crafting a range of beers that match their alcoholic counterparts for taste and quality, but without the alcohol.

Their “Infinite Session IPA” is a prime example of this ethos. This non-alcoholic IPA offers a bold hoppy flavour with citrus and pine notes, delivering a full-bodied beer experience without the effects of alcohol.

Likewise, their “Infinite Session Pale” is a refreshing, easy-drinking brew with hints of tropical fruits and a crisp, clean finish. Like all their beers, it’s designed to offer a satisfying beer-drinking experience, whether you’re enjoying one or several.

Infinite Session is brewing a new reality in the beer industry, where non-alcoholic does not mean non-enjoyable. Their dedication to crafting great tasting, non-alcoholic beers has set a new standard, proving that beer lovers can enjoy the complexity and satisfaction of craft beers in an alcohol-free format.

So here’s to Infinite Session, where the enjoyment of craft beer is truly infinite, and the possibilities are limitless. Here’s to a future of beer that is all about the flavour, not the alcohol.