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Guinness with everything except the alcohol. Guinness 0.0 boasts the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour, and unique dark colour of Guinness, just without the alcohol


Lucky Saint is born of Bavarian barley, single-use yeast and Hallertau hops for a unique lager that is unfiltered and uncompromising


An ultimate sessionable IPA for craft beer lovers. Brewed with a blend of five Northwest hops, it has an approachable bitterness to balance the specialty malt body


Dry hopped with refreshing floral and grapefruit hops, a splash of yuzu bursts through the caramel base to create a perfect harmony of flavours


A full flavoured non alcoholic IPA with aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, deep complex malt flavours, and a perfectly balanced bitter backbone


Super refreshing Gose with Mango, Passionfruit, Guava, Apricot, and Orange. A tropical delight with a smooth mouthfeel


Alcohol-Free Hazy Pale Ale hopped with Citra, El Dorado, and Simcoe. Holier than thou.


Aromas of cracker, light honey and pepper this lager is crisp, balanced with a suitable level of bitterness to ensure it has a dry, refreshing bite. Keep it nice and chilled. Goes well with any food eaten on a hot summers day.


Classic craft Golden Ale Style. Refreshing, clean, balanced, light-bodied. Aromas subtle with floral and earthy notes


Brewed to 0.4% with a functional finish of organic chaga. Crisp and refreshing dark malt lager with undertones of chocolate and liquorice


Veganism is a lifestyle choice that involves avoiding the use of animal products for food, clothing, or any other purpose. For vegan beer lovers, finding a beer that is free from animal products can be a challenge. However, there are now many vegan non-alcoholic beers available on the market, which offer a delicious and ethical alternative to traditional beers.

Vegan non-alcoholic beers are made using plant-based ingredients, rather than animal products. This means that they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients such as honey, milk, or gelatin, which are commonly used in the brewing process. Instead, vegan non-alcoholic beers are made using ingredients such as hops, barley, wheat, and yeast, which are all plant-based.

One of the benefits of vegan non-alcoholic beers is that they are more environmentally friendly than traditional beers. The production of animal products is often associated with higher greenhouse gas emissions and more land and water use compared to plant-based products. Choosing a vegan non-alcoholic beer can help to reduce the environmental impact of your beer consumption.

In addition to being more ethical and environmentally friendly, vegan non-alcoholic beers are also a healthier option. They are typically lower in calories and contain no cholesterol, which can help to promote better heart health. Vegan non-alcoholic beers are also a great choice for people who have lactose intolerance or other dietary restrictions.

When choosing a vegan non-alcoholic beer, it is important to read the label carefully to ensure that it is truly vegan.

Vegan non-alcoholic beers come in a variety of styles, including lagers, ales, and stouts. These beers are often flavoured with natural ingredients such as fruit or spices, which can add a unique and delicious twist to the traditional beer flavours.

Vegan non-alcoholic beers are a great choice for people who are looking for an ethical, environmentally friendly, and healthy alternative to traditional beers. They are made using plant-based ingredients and do not contain any animal products, making them suitable for vegans and people with dietary restrictions. With a wide variety of styles and flavours available, there is a vegan non-alcoholic beer to suit every taste preference.