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An award-winning Lager that is clean, crisp and sessionable. Lightly malted with well-balanced floral and citrus notes


Days Brewing, based in the United Kingdom, is a fresh face in the non-alcoholic brewing scene. Founded by Duncan Keith and Mike Sutherland, this innovative brewery is focused on crafting non-alcoholic beers that deliver on both taste and nutritional benefits.

Born from the founders’ shared belief in the power of staying active and the benefits of reducing alcohol intake, Days Brewing is committed to offering healthier, more mindful drinking options without compromising on flavour or quality.

Days Brewing brings together traditional brewing methods and modern nutritional science to create their unique range of non-alcoholic beers. Each brew is designed to be flavourful, refreshing, and supportive of an active lifestyle.

Their flagship brew, the “Days Lager”, is a perfect example of their brewing philosophy. This non-alcoholic lager features a balanced hop bitterness, slight malty sweetness, and a clean, crisp finish. It is expertly crafted to provide a full-bodied, satisfying taste that is reminiscent of traditional lagers, just without the alcohol.

Adding to their roster is the “Days Pale Ale”, an alcohol-free brew that offers a delightful burst of hoppy flavours. With its notes of citrus and tropical fruit, it’s a refreshing choice for those seeking a non-alcoholic beer with a robust character.

Days Brewing’s non-alcoholic beers showcase their dedication to providing high-quality, flavourful options for mindful drinkers. Their offerings demonstrate that you can enjoy great tasting beer while supporting a healthier, active lifestyle.