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Days Lager

An award-winning Lager that is clean, crisp and sessionable. Lightly malted with well-balanced floral and citrus notes

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  • Fresh and refreshing
  • Sessionable
  • Nice and light citrus tang flavouring for enjoying in the sunshine
  • Not distinctly citrus
  • Overly gummy sweet, reminiscent of an orange peel

When today is cold and tonight is cold and tomorrow is cold and tomorrow night is cold, there’s a good chance you are living in North England in the winter. The only solution is to combine cold days with cold lager and thus, today, I am dancing with Days Lager.

The brewer, Scotland-based Days Brewing, has a straightforward and clear style and mission. They use local and natural ingredients, make vegan alcohol-free beers, like the environment and love their Scottish roots. Their mantra, similar to Athletic Brewing, is Beer for doing. As a doer of many things and a someone who enjoys doing them infinitely more whilst sipping a nolo, I feel this is a mantra I can get behind.

The Days Lager won a Bronze World Beer Award in Summer 2021. Days have also won awards in a range of award ceremonies including The Casual Dining Show (Pale Ale) and Esquire magazine.

Okay, so this beer and brewery have impressed the world. Now, it’s time to impress someone much much much less significant. Let’s dance!

Days Lager – Initial Thoughts

All of our brains have certain notions hard-wired in after many moons of doing brain things, and one inescapable notion my brain has is that all lagers are supposed to taste like pilsners. Days Lager does not, and while it confuses my brain, it’s a good thing. 

Days has a unique nolo lager here. It’s straw/golden yellow and has a light and fruity nose with an emphasis on honeydew melon and orange peel notes. The mouthfeel is fresh and bright. It really wakes up the mouth and feels like it packs a vitamin C punch. So, this brew can help anyone who is feeling under the weather or just wants an immunity boost!

The taste is equally fresh and has a flavour that I wouldn’t describe as distinctly fruity, let’s call it not distinctly fruity, the flavour. Rather, the taste reminds me of the white of an orange peel. It’s not my personal favourite. If there are citrus notes in a beer, I prefer them to be more pronounced versus light and subtle. If light and subtle is your bag, then you will really enjoy Days Lager. 

Despite the taste not being for my specific palette, I did find that the aftertaste was really enjoyable and that Days Lager pairs well with food. So get out there and give it a shot and see if your palette is more open-minded than mine!

Where to Buy Days Lager

Days Lager can be purchased online on multiple sites in both bottles and cans. When I purchased it, it cost £2.49 per can so it is on the pricier side. It is a healthy beer that is low in alcohol and sugar. Enjoy in the daylight and with food!

You can find cans and bottles of Days Lager online at the following:

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Wise Bartender
Wise Bartender
Dry Drinker
Dry Drinker

Days Lager Price

The price of Days Lager varies depending on where you buy it from, whether you’re buying it in bottles or cans and of course, how many cans or bottles you buy. I bought 2 cans from Wisebartender for £2.49 per can.

Days Lager Nutritional Information, Ingredients and Calories

Days Lager is vegan and a healthy nolo choice as it is not only low in alcohol but also low in sugar. The ingredients for Days Lager are:

Water, Malted Barley, Maltose, Hop Extracts (Hallertau), Natural Flavouring

Nutritional InformationPer 100mL
Energy (KJ / KCal)91 / 22
Fat (g)0.4
Of Which Saturates (g)<0.1
Carbohydrate (g)4.5
Of Which Sugars (g)2.6
Protein (g)0.1
Salt (g)<0.1


Days Lager is a non-alcoholic lager brewed by the Scotland-based brewery Days Brewing. The brewery’s mantra is ‘Beer for doing’ and they are focused on making natural, vegan and sustainable nolo beers. They have won multiple awards for their Lager and Pale Ale including a Bronze World Beer Award in the Summer of 2021.

I rated the beer 3 out of 5 stars because it is a unique, refreshing and sessionable lager; however, I found the overall taste and orange peel flavour didn’t suit my palette. I also found that the beer was much more enjoyable in the daytime than in the nighttime.

Days Lager Details

Drink Style

An award-winning Lager that is clean, crisp and sessionable. Lightly malted with well-balanced floral and citrus notes

Value For Money
3.0 Overall Rating
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Days Lager