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British hopped pale ale using hops Northdown and Ernest. With Pine, spice and fruity flavour


A traditional old-world beer style in the form of a AF Black lager. Balanced roasted & toasted malt flavors smooth, hints of Apricot and Vanilla, crisp and clean


Good Karma Brewing, established in the United Kingdom, is making its mark in the non-alcoholic beer industry. With a name that reflects their ethos, Good Karma Brewing is dedicated to crafting beers that bring about good feelings, health benefits, and of course, good karma.

Their mission is to brew non-alcoholic beers that offer not just a healthier alternative to traditional beers but also contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing. Good Karma Brewing is all about creating positive experiences, one bottle at a time.

Good Karma Brewing’s range of non-alcoholic beers is a testament to their commitment to quality, flavour, and wellness. Each brew is crafted with careful attention to detail, resulting in non-alcoholic beers that deliver on taste and offer a satisfying drinking experience.

Through their non-alcoholic beers, Good Karma Brewing is shaping a new narrative in the brewing industry, one that intertwines enjoyment, health, and wellbeing