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Good Karma Chakra

British hopped pale ale using hops Northdown and Ernest. With Pine, spice and fruity flavour

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Good Karma Brewery’s motto is Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good.

Their beers use local grown British hops, supporting local farmers and reducing their carbon emissions at the same time and doing their bit for the planet – one beer at a time.

Showcasing what British hops can do is not only good for the alcohol free beers, but the beer industry as a whole.

Good Karma are known to have a number of specials that change on a regular basis, alongside their three core beers – Mantra, Tantra and Chakra.

The British hopped Chakra is the subject of today’s review!

Good Karma Chakra Initial Review

So what does Chakra offer us?

First off, the can is nice and eye catching – a yellow and blue colour scheme, the logo in the middle and the spiral of the beer description going round.

This might be recognisable, as this is seen on all three of the core range beers.

On the pour, the beer was very lively and ended up with a glass of foam that took a while to go. 

Once this is settled, you end up with a great looking pale with a nice thick white head.  There is a very fruity aroma to the beer with a bit of pine forest aroma in there too.  

On tasting the beer you get a big stone fruit flavour coming through, followed by a piney bitterness and a nice smoothness.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was a 4% beer rather than a 0.5%. 

It is a great tasting pale and so good to see what can be done with British hops.

Where Can I Buy Good Karma Chakra?

You can buy Chakra from the following online stores:

Wise Bartender – £2.39

Good Karma

Dry Drinker

Good Karma Chakra Ingredients, Nutritional Information and Calories

The ingredients list is as follows:

Water, Barley Malt, Wheat, Oats Hops, Hop Extract, Potassium Sorbate

Final Thoughts

Good Karma are doing great things for the alcohol free industry and British hop farmers. 

The beer itself is a great tasting pale that is hard to find fault with good mouthfeel, great fruity flavour and the pine bitterness on the end just tops it off. I would be interested to see what else they produce going forward. 

The core range plays it pretty safe on styles, but you can expect something more adventurous from their speciality beers!

Good Karma Chakra Details

Dietary Information

British hopped pale ale using hops Northdown and Ernest. With Pine, spice and fruity flavour

Value For Money
3.8 Overall Rating
Good Karma Chakra