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Jever Fun is the ideal drink for anyone who fancies a real beer flavour – but wants to go without alcohol, stay active or is simply keeping an eye on their nutrition.


Since its establishment in 1848, Jever has carved out a distinctive space in the world of beer. This German brewery, named after the town of Jever where it was founded, is renowned for its pilsner style beer, distinguished by its crisp, dry, and hoppy character. Jever’s tradition of quality and precision in brewing embodies the excellence associated with German beers.

In response to the growing interest in healthier, non-alcoholic beverages, Jever has adapted its centuries-old brewing methods to produce non-alcoholic beer options that are faithful to its quality and taste standards.

Their “Jever Fun” stands out in this respect. This non-alcoholic beer carries the same clean, crisp taste that Jever fans adore, with its pronounced hoppiness and refreshing finish, but without the alcohol. The brewing process for Jever Fun involves brewing a full-strength beer, which is then de-alcoholised, allowing the beer to retain its flavour characteristics.

Likewise, their “Jever Light” presents a lower-alcohol alternative that remains true to the distinctive Jever flavour profile. This light beer offers a balanced hop and malt flavour, with a lighter body and a clean, crisp finish.

Jever’s foray into non-alcoholic beers reinforces their commitment to brewing excellence, showcasing their ability to adapt tradition to meet modern demands.