Ticket Alcohol Free Lager

Ticket Alcohol Free Lager

The world's first alcohol free lager infused with lager. It's paired with lemongrass for even more flavour and aroma creating a strong Asian vibe.

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Before you read this article, it is important that you know that we were gifted this beer directly from Ticket. Whilst we accept gifted drinks – without payment – we ensure to give an honest review, both good and bad. Learn more about our review policy.

Before being contacted by the Ticket team, I have to be honest that I had never heard of them. Exclusively offering non-alcoholic beer (at the time of writing), they offer this saffron and lemongrass lager, as well as a saffron-infused pale ale.

Initially, I am intrigued by this offering.

Promising both saffron and lemongrass in one bottle, when I don’t think I’m yet to try either saffron or lemongrass in a non-alcoholic beer. Immediately I am get a feeling that this are going to be asian-fusion inspired.

A quick look at the website, there are some good points that set the scene:

  • The world’s only saffron- enriched alcohol-free beer
  • An all-natural recipe crafted to enhance mood and revitalise
  • The perfect blend of UK craft brewing meets world cuisine inspiration

In addition, the bottle claims that saffron has been linked to health benefits, such as elevating your mood, boosting energy levels and improving libido.

But let’s crack open the bottle and see what he have on our hands.

First Thoughts

Upon opening the beer – and without even pouring it – there is a strong aroma. Citrus in the form of lemongrass. It is not subtle, but is looks like they really have infused it with lemongrass – a lot of it in fact!

Poured into a glass, you can see how yellow the beer is. It looks more like cider than beer, and that is probably due to the presence of saffron in the drink. It’s also fizzy, with large bubbles clinging to the bottom and side of the glass.

Even when poured, the lemongrass aroma is there. If anything, it smells even stronger.

Let’s taste.

My first thought upon initial sip is that it feels slightly thin, and watery. Based on the presence of the bubbles, I thought it would be fizzy, but it is slightly flat. More so than a typical lager.

ticket non alcoholic lager

Not really an issue, but the taste.

It is slightly sweet, followed by a strong citrus taste, and finally an earthy bitterness.

It is clear that there is lemongrass in this drink. Anybody doing a blind taste test would immediately be able to identify this. As for the saffron, I’m not sure that I can distinguish this within the drink.

The more of it I drink, the more unsure as to whether I like this or not.

It is definitely unique, and something that is not being done in the alcohol-free beer space – as far as I’m aware anyway. I would say that this drink would go down really well with any Asian cuisine. I nice spicy noodle dish, or even an Indian curry laden with green chilli.

I think that this beer really comes down to personal preference, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see people on both sides of love or hate.

Where Can You Buy Ticket Alcohol Free Lager?

Currently, options for buying Ticket alcohol free lager are limited.

Your best option is to go directly to the manufacturer, or you can also purchase from Whole Foods Box.

Ticket Lager Ingredients, Nutritional Information and Calories

This beer includes the following ingredients:

Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast, Saffron and Lemongrass

Nutritional InformationPer 100mL
Energy (KJ / KCal)45 / 11
Fat (g)n/a
Of Which Saturates (g)n/a
Carbohydrate (g)2.63
Of Which Sugars (g)0.5
Protein (g)n/a
Salt (g)n/a

The Overall Verdict

This non-alcoholic beer is definitely an outlier in the market.

With strong use of herbs and spices, this has made a beer that takes on a whole new flavour profile that you don’t find elsewhere with non-alcoholic lagers. You don’t get a hint or subtleness of flavour here; it is full steam ahead to create a taste like no other.

I’m unsure whether I like this or not.

But I strongly recommend anybody interested in trying as many AF beers as possible to give this a go, and let me know what you think!

Ticket Alcohol Free Lager Details

Drink Style
Dietary Information

The world's first alcohol free lager infused with lager. It's paired with lemongrass for even more flavour and aroma creating a strong Asian vibe.

Value For Money
3.3 Overall Rating
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Ticket Alcohol Free Lager

The world's first alcohol free lager infused with lager. It's paired with lemongrass for even more flavour and aroma creating a strong Asian vibe.

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Ticket Alcohol Free Lager